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  1. Aug 07

    Growing up, a good portion of my summers were consumed attending basketball camps. From SEI to Damon Stoudamire to Cascade Camp and everything in between, playing basketball and meeting new people one week at a time is how I spent my summers. In that respect, I have a lot in common with the Cotton brothers, Mason and Maxwell.

  2. Feb 22

    At 4:07 p.m. on Thursday, February 9th, every Trail Blazers fan in the city – our office included – exploded when we heard the news that LaMarcus Aldridge was selected to represent Portland in the 2012 NBA All-Star game in Orlando. The Trail Blazers produced placards, print ads, t-shirts and ticket packages - even the twitter hashtag #RipCityAllStar was trending within minutes. Little did we know that LaMarcus wouldn’t be the only one representing the Northwest in Orlando.

  3. Mar 23

    I’ve grown accustomed to seeing fans gather for pictures and autographs from players, coaches, broadcasters and dancers on game nights. But what I saw last night was a first. Trail Blazers fans clamoring for the attention of another fan.

  4. Feb 09

    Yesterday I attended Nike’s Icon Panel, “A Call to Greatness” at the Tiger Woods Center in Beaverton. I approached the event subjectively, knowing that I was simply there to write a recap. However, about halfway through, I realized that I’d been overcome by the inspirational stories shared by the speakers. The event had a strong impact on me, and I took away a handful of motivational keys to success that I will never forget.

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