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Meet The BlazerDancers: Lisa

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BlazerDancer Lisa is back for her second season!

A life-long dancer, Lisa joined her older sister, BlazerDancer Eri, dancing in a small studio in Tigard, Ore. at the age of four. She tried other sports like gymnastics and soccer, but none of them appealed to her like dance.

She stayed dancing at the studio which she says was “pretty much my life for a while,” before joining the Tigerettes at Tigard High School. This was her first introduction to dancing on a larger team and something she grew to love. “It was something totally different from what I was used to,” Lisa said. “Our team was pretty big, so compared to a little tiny studio class it was a completely different dynamic.”

That dynamic led her down a path to become a member of the University of Oregon Cheer Team where she danced for her four years in Eugene and majored in business and marketing—eventually she wants to be an event planner.

Diploma in hand, Lisa moved back to Portland and didn’t have to search very far to find her next dance opportunity. Last year, her first time auditioning, Lisa earned a coveted spot as a BlazerDancer.

Her favorite moment from her rookie season was one most rookies won’t experience, her first performance as a BlazerDancer was in China on an NBA Madness tour.

“By far the best experience was going to China. We went to three different cities and we were there for about ten days. We did some fun performances there at a kids store and I think that was my first performance ever because the season started late,” Lisa said. “That was a lot of fun, we did a lot of touristy things too so that was a really good experience overall.”

Back in the Portland with the season underway Lisa got her first chance to perform for the roaring Rose Garden. But it wasn’t the memory of the crowd that stood out in her reflections of on-court performances, instead it was who she danced with.

“The most fun I had was the last game where we did the group services dance with the ushers. That was a lot of fun,” Lisa said. “We would see them at the games all the time so we have a little bit of a relationship with them and then seeing them during practice and they were all so into it and having so much fun, it was so cute.

“That was also the game when all 16 of us could dance and we did our American Woman dance and everybody was there. So that was fun as well.”

Lisa summed up her rookie season easily in one sentence, “It was a little more than I expected because it was so packed,” she sad. “I wasn’t used to having so many games back-to-back, so it was busy, it was fun. My life was exciting.”

Welcome back!


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  1. Miss sarah, I remember Liza and her sisster from last year.

    Welcome back Lisa

    by Hg on 8/22/2012 2:43 PM
  2. yay more asian americans!

    by Choong Huh on 8/29/2012 1:26 AM
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