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Jul 30

Retool or Rebuild?

By mbmurr1 Posted in: Blazers, NicolasBatum, Timberwolves
With the huge list of free agents we courted over the summer and the list of guys we have traded for this off-season, and the lack of a coach in August, I would have to say we are in a rebuilding mode. With no true NBA ready center I honestly can see us make the playoffs but not go anywhere once we get there. (what a waste of a season) Either go deep in the playoffs or get a top draft pick next year, that is what this league is about right now. I think we spent a lot of cap space on Nick Batum, that we could have used in a smarter way (did you see him play the other night against the USA....  UGLY, I saw very small effort). For instance we should have taken Minnesota's deal because it included no penalty for the Martel Webster trade which is going to give them at least a 2nd rounder next year from us. What are your thoughts?   
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